Media – December 2017

Things that caught my attention this month, in no particular order:

The Power of Love: still my favourite “christmas song”. Merry merry everyone!

Dizzy:  Oshawa band with just a couple of songs released. I am eager to hear more. Playing Vancouver Jan. 12, 2018.

Original Swimming Party – Biggest Curse: I don’t really have words for this piece, just watch it.

How to Ditch Apple Completely:
In the early 2000’s I switched from PC to Apple after struggling for years trying to produce media on Windows machines. Microsoft had locked me in to their platform for years using illegal monopoly, but the emergence of the internet had helped me escape that business lock-in. The extra cost of going Apple was well worth it since their devices were far superior for my needs.

For years now, I have been feeling locked in to the Apple platform in much the same way. The value I perceived back then is gone, and when my 2011 MacBook Pro gives up the ghost I will probably be switching back. I have already abandoned their mobile and music platforms. There are many concerns about making such a move, that’s what “lock-in” is. This article does a good job breaking down how to do it.

Here’s an interesting article on alternatives to the Google products.

Dope Lemon:
Seems I’m a bit late to the party, but better late than never. Ran across this band and am really enjoying the vibe.