Media-September 2017

Things that have caught my eyes, ears, and mind this month, for whatever reason.

Polaris Awards
This pretty much sums up Canadian music to me. Diverse, challenging, and interesting, it is always worth checking out the list of nominees for hidden gems. My favourite find right now: Weaves

LCD Soundsystem – American Dream
Some people question the “comeback”. This is another great album, what else matters?

Whitehorse – Panther in the Doll
Consistently great releases. Roots rock with fantastic tones and vocals.

Tinariwen – Elwan
World beats with crunchy guitar. Hypnotic.

Medium: “The Success Bloggers Are Selling You Bullshit.” by Jon Westenberg. I like Medium – thought provoking articles, many that I disagree with. Thus one hits the mark.