September’s Favourite Technology – 2017

Here’s some of the technology that has caught my eye this month.

Boss Angry Driver Pedal:
2 very popular pedals combined in a very clever and flexible way. I have more gain pedals than I can use, but it is the kind of thing that you can’t get too much of.

Jam Pedals LucyDreamer Supreme:
Multi-purpose (boost and drive) plus you can hook up an expression pedal and use this thing as a master volume too. That’s what attracts me – I am tired of having to fix volume pedals and want to get rid of physical circuits that inevitably wear out (and cause disturbing noises as they do).

New iPhones! New iOS Versions!:
This now interests me only as an outsider looking in and wondering why people still buy the hype. The Apple ecology wore thin on me a couple of years ago. The hardware is better but the proprietary and monopolist nature of the environment makes me feel too boxed in as a user. I can’t ignore that world as a mobile developer, but am happy to not have to embrace it as a user.